Letter R for Rafaella
image of Rafaella logo
Three models stand side-by-side. The model on the left is wearing a white tweed collarless blazer with a plaid pattern with silver threads. Underneath this she is wearing a red, long sleeve blouse with a rufle down the front and at the cuffs. She is wearing black pants. The model in the middle is wearing a floral print velvet top with a scoop neckline of black lace over black pants. The model on the right is wearing a long sleeve tunic top with black, white and gray horizontal stripes, some are solid and some are patterned. She is wearing black pants.
Model is wearing a black glittery sweater with bell sleeves and embellished necklines over black pants.

all that
glitters adds

Liven up your day-to-night
looks with an added
glimmer of silver

go for gold
(and silver).

Make every outfit
shine with a touch
of gold and silver.

A model is sitting on a stool wearing a white tweed collarless blazer. It is a plaid pattern using silver metallic threads. It also features a frayed hem around the neck, along the front edging and hem and the edges of the sleeves. She is wearing this over a black top and gray pants.